For Parents

There are a variety of conditions for which a child might require speech therapy. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • -No verbal communication by 6 months.
  • -ADD/HD
  • -Mild-to-severe autism
  • -Pronunciation issues
  • -General communication difficulties

If your child is struggling with any of these issues, we can help. Our therapists are trained and cerified to handle all manner of speech-related conditions

If you feel that your child might be in need of speech therapy, please contact us at 817-991-5457, email us at, or click the button below to request a free in-home speech evaluation* for you child.

evaluation request

*with qualifying insurance.

Below you will find the Speech and Language Development checklist. It is a simple checklist to evaluate your child's current speech proficiency level. When you have completed the checklist, click "submit." Once we receive the form, one of our therapists will email you within 24 hours with your child's results. If you prefer, you may print and FAX the PDF form located HERE to Preferred Therapy Services at 1-877-267-4771 or scan it and email it to


Click to download the Speech and Language Development Checklist.