Preferred Therapy Services is a licensed home health agency that serves children and their families in multiple counties throughout Texas. Preferred Therapy Services is the home health division of Eric Powell & Associates, PLLC which has operated as a contract therapy company and private practice since 1997.

Speech Language Delay

Sensory Processing Disorders

Hearing Impairment


Cerebral Palsy

Congenital Disorders

Down Syndrome



Neurological Disorders

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders

Developmental Disability and Delay

We specialize in the Whole Child

Helping children and their families!

Specializing in the most severe cases, my team and I have built this organization around a commitment to the success of all of our patients. Our agency offers in-home evaluations and therapy with certified therapists for children from birth to 20 years old. We coordinate service for a wide variety of physical and occupational therapy disorders (movement, balance, strength, safety and self help skills) as well as speech and language disorders (including feeding and dyslexia). Our excellence is achieved by:
A compassionate and caring approach
Highly effective care coordination focusing on the Whole Child
Use of evidence-based methods by highly trained staff
Treatment by those who truly love their job
J Eric Powell (Administrator, CEO/CCC-SLP)